Cie Artara

Fabrice Murgia Online – 16 June 2020

Cie Artara was founded in 2005 by Fabrice Murgia, to form an operational unit around his creations. Today, the core business of Cie Artara is to bring together actors, musicians, visual artists and videographers around the shows of Fabrice Murgia. Murgia is working on the development of a personal style in which these different languages confront each other on set.
The text is not at the core of the narrative structure. There are a few key principles that are reflected in the creative processes of all performances of Cie Artara, namely: writing while working on scene, reflecting upon important questions in society, looking for a coherent link between the scenic form and the subject, associate narration and reflection and creating a sensorial image and a creative distance.


Date Group Production Location Organizer
14-01-2021 - 17-01-2021 Cie Artara & LOD muziektheater The Memory of Trees Madrid (ES) Centro Dramático nacional

CANCELED (Covid-19)

17-02-2021 - 18-02-2021 Cie Artara & LOD muziektheater The Memory of Trees Rennes (FR) Festival Mythos

ANNULÉ (Covid-19)

31-03-2021 - 31-03-2021 Cie Artara & LOD muziektheater The Memory of Trees Bienne (CH) Nebia


07-07-2021 - 13-07-2021 Cie Artara The last night of the world Avignon (FR) Festival d’Avignon