Moeder (Mother)

Moeder is not about a mother, but about several mothers. We talk about motherhood, absence, lack. The play searches the memory and the subconscious to reveal what the mother carries as desires, fears, sufferings or violence. (Gabriela Carrizo)

Moeder (mother), the second volume of a trilogy that began with Vader (2014) and will close with Kind (2018), is a work on memory that explores the ways in which the fabric of a life is a mosaic or meshwork collectively composed. 

Coproduction: Theater im Pfalzbau (Ludwigshafen), Taipei Performing Arts Center (Taipei), KVS – Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (Brussel), Grec Festival de Barcelona / Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona), HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Maison de la Culture de Bourges, La Rose des Vents (Villeneuve-d’Ascq), Festival Aperto/Fondazione I Teatri (Reggio Emilia), La Bâtie Festival de Genève.
Theater im Pfalzbau (Ludwigshaven, DE) is acting as key partners in the realisation of the trilogy “Vader – Moeder – Kind”.

Technical rider
Technical rider

Peeping Tom

Gabriela Carrizo & Franck Chartier
  • Genre: Dance / Theatre
  • World premiere: September '16 Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen
  • Direction: Gabriela Carrizo
  • Creation & performance: Eurudike De Beul, Maria Carolina Vieira, Marie Gyselbrecht, Brandon Lagaert, Hun‐Mok Jung, Yi‐Chun Liu, Simon Versnel, Charlotte Clamens

Best Dance Performance 2018

Festival International de Teatro y artes de Calle in Valladolid (ES)

"Peeping Tom is one of the most enjoyable dance companies of the moment. Technically outstanding. Funny. Shocking. Stunning. Living. And above all excellent."

Sud Ouest

"The show works perfectly through striking metaphors, powerful allegories and images that linger in our thoughts for a long time. And the artists are simply dazzling."

Revista Proscenium

"A classic but nonetheless touching, engaging and even funny portrait of the most beautiful role a woman can play, both on stage and in life."

Knack Focus


Date Group Production Location Organizer
06-02-2023 - 08-02-2023 Peeping Tom Moeder (Mother) Tokyo (JP)

Setagaya Public Theatre

12-02-2023 Peeping Tom Moeder (Mother) Hyogo (JP)

Hyogo Performing Arts Centre

18-02-2023 Peeping Tom Moeder (Mother) Kochi (JP)

Museum of Art

23-02-2023 Peeping Tom Moeder (Mother) Toyohashi (JP)

Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT