Red Haired Men

There was a red haired man who had no eyes or ears. He didn’t have hair either, so he was called red haired theoretically. He couldn’t speak, since he didn’t have a mouth. He didn’t have a nose either. He didn’t even have any arms or legs. He had no stomach and he had no back and he had no spine and he had no innards whatsoever. There was nothing! Therefore we don’t even know whom we are even talking about. It’s better that we don’t talk any more about him.

Red Haired Men is a group performance inspired by the work of the Russian writer Daniil Kharms (1905-1942). Charms wrote his short, estranging and funny texts in the dark times of Stalin’s purges. Uncomfortable physicality and movements, nonsense, and the materiality of language are typical ‘Kharmsian’ characteristics.

Vantournhout, along with three other performers, translates these onto the stage, where choreography is combined with pratiques minoritaires, such as circus and magic. Charms himself was interested in the mingling of forms that were considered high art with those looked down upon as merely entertainment.

On the thresholds between dance, acrobatics,circus and theater, Red Haired Men creates a universe in which people appear and disappear, and where wonder and humor are never without risk.

Following from his previous work: the solos Caprices (2014) and ANECKXANDER (2015), and the duets Raphaël (2017) and The Ceramic Rose (2018), Red Haired Men is Alexander Vantournhout’s first group choreography. It forms the next step in the development of a distinctive and idiosyncratic dance-acrobatic vocabulary.

World Première
: October 2018 Cirque-Théâtre Elbeuf (FR)
Coproductions: La Brèche-Cherbourg (FR), Cirque Théâtre, Elbeuf (FR) Vooruit-Gent (BE), PERPLX, Marke (BE), Subsistances, Lyon (FR), Le Manège de Reims (FR)

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Alexander Vantournhout
  • Genre: Movement / Dance / Circus / Tehater
  • World premiere: October '18 Cirque-Théâtre Elbeuf
  • Direction: Alexander Vantournhout
  • Creation & performance: Winston Reynolds, Axel Guérin, Ruben Mardulier/Antoni Androulakis & Alexandros Anastasiadis/Alexander Vantournhout

Best Circus Show of 2018

Scèneweb (FR)

One of the Best Circus Shows of 2018

Knack (BE)

Selected in the best of 2018

Klara (BE)

Best company 2018-2019

Filip Tielens dans De Theaterkrant

"Ruben Mardulier, Axel Guerin, Winston Reynolds, and Alexander Vantournhout are four high-energy players, displaying intricately performed duets with incredible precision. They disappear and return unnoticed, to the point of exhaustion, showcasing the weak nature of the human condition in a highly physical yet playful manner."


“All highly original choreographies that stick to your mind immediately. After ANECKXANDER and Raphaël, this is already the third hit in a row for Alexander Vantournhout, our most talented circus artist.”

De Morgen

"Alexander Vantournhout: circus is talking about it, so does dance"

Le Monde


Date Group Production Location Organizer
13-03-2021 - 13-03-2021 not standing Red Haired Men Koksijde (BE) Casino


14-03-2021 - 14-03-2021 not standing Red Haired Men Beveren (BE) CC Ter Vesten


23-03-2021 - 23-03-2021 not standing Red Haired Men Odense (DK) Dynamo Workspace


24-03-2021 - 24-03-2021 not standing Red Haired Men Copenhagen (DK) C!CAF


30-03-2021 - 01-04-2021 not standing Red Haired Men Besançon (FR) Les 2 Scènes


07-04-2021 - 07-04-2021 not standing Red Haired Men Dijon (FR) Le Dancing


07-04-2021 - 07-04-2021 not standing Red Haired Men Utrecht (NL) Festival Tweetakt


16-04-2021 - 17-04-2021 not standing Red Haired Men Brest (FR) Le Quartz