The Memory of Trees

The third part of the Ghost Road cycle focuses on the Russian city Oziorsk, struck by the third biggest nuclear disaster in history. In the heart of this place not found on any map, thousands of people are forced to maintain this secret. And those who present even a shadow of treason pay for it with their lives. Together they preserve a vast industrial state and keep quiet about an unheard of environmental and human catastrophe.

Fabrice Murgia about The Memory of Trees (in French)
Dominique Pauwels & Fabrie Murgia about The Memory of Trees (in French)

Fabrice Murgia & LOD muziektheater

Cie Artara & Josse De Pauw
  • Genre: Theatre / Music
  • World premiere: 12 September '19 Théâtre National Brussels
  • Direction: Fabrice Murgia & Dominique Pauwels
  • Creation & performance: Josse De Pauw

"I don't ask myself if my actions are political or not. It's inevitable for me."

Fabrice Murgia

"Captivating music theater"

De Standaard

"Josse De Pauw's performance is true, opposite and magnificent."



Date Group Production Location Organizer
19-01-2022 - 20-01-2022 Fabrice Murgia & LOD muziektheater The Memory of Trees Rennes (FR) Théâtre de l’Aire Libre