Circus Ronaldo

Circus Ronaldo has been working in the national and international circus landscape for more than forty years. Circus Ronaldo promotes the Flemish circus art in Europe and beyond.
Their performances are constantly looking for powerful formulas, captivating theatre, original combinations and themes that activate the emotions that are most needed at that moment.

Tribute to Johnny Ronaldo

On December 7 2020 Johnny passed away.
We are incredibly sad, though so happy and proud that we met Johnny 25 years ago and that we have been working together intensively all this time.
This is an incredible loss, not only for Circus Ronaldo and for us, but for the entire Flemish and international circus world.
Johnny was a pioneer, a monument, a great person in all modesty.
An honest, beautiful man, and an example to all of us. Our thoughts are with Johnny, with his wife Maria and his family, the Ronaldo family!


Date Group Production Location Organizer
17-01-2024 - 19-01-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Maubeuge (FR) Le Manège – Scène Nationale Maubeuge

in theater/en théâtre

24-01-2024 - 28-01-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Madrid (ES) Teatros del Canal

in theater/en théâtre

31-01-2024 - 02-02-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Poitiers (FR)

Le TAP, Scene Nationale
in theater/en théâtre

06-02-2024 - 08-02-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Annecy (FR)

Bonlieu Scene Nationale
in theater/en théâtre

10-02-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Thonon-les-Bains (FR)

Maison des Arts du Léman
in theater/en théâtre

18-02-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Lokeren (BE) CC Lokeren

in theater/en théâtre

21-02-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Schoten (BE) CC Schoten

in theater/en théâtre

22-02-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Diksmuide (BE) CC Kruispunt

in theater/en théâtre

23-02-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Eeklo (BE) CC De Herbakker

in theater/en théâtre

01-03-2024 - 10-03-2024 Circus Ronaldo Da Capo Leuven (BE) 30CC – CC Leuven
15-03-2024 - 17-03-2024 Circus Ronaldo Da Capo Marchin (BE) Latitude 50 – Pôle arts du cirque et de la rue


23-03-2024 - 24-03-2024 Circus Ronaldo La Cucina dell’Arte Saint-Pair-sur-Mer (FR) La Brèche – Pôle National des Arts du Cirque de Basse-Normandie

in tent/sous chapiteau

26-03-2024 - 28-03-2024 Circus Ronaldo Swing Espoon Kaupunki (FI) Espoo City Theatre

in theater/en théâtre

26-03-2024 - 28-03-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Cherbourg (FR) La Brèche – Pôle National des Arts du Cirque de Basse-Normandie

in tent/sous chapiteau

04-04-2024 - 06-04-2024 Circus Ronaldo Da Capo Mont-Saint-Michel (FR) Festival Spring


11-04-2024 - 14-04-2024 Circus Ronaldo Da Capo Antwerpen (BE) MAD Festival


19-04-2024 - 21-04-2024 Circus Ronaldo Da Capo Geel (BE) CC De Werft


26-04-2024 - 27-04-2024 Circus Ronaldo Da Capo Maasmechelen (BE) CC Maasmechelen


01-05-2024 - 05-05-2024 Circus Ronaldo La Cucina dell’Arte Charleroi (BE) Palais des Beaux-Arts

in tent/sous chapiteau

09-05-2024 - 11-05-2024 Circus Ronaldo Swing Mallorca (ES) Theatre d’Arta
10-05-2024 - 12-05-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Segovia (ES) Titirimundi
30-05-2024 - 16-06-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Paris (FR) Théâtre du Rond-Point

in theater/en théâtre

27-06-2024 - 07-07-2024 Circus Ronaldo Swing Lyon (FR) Les Nuits de Fourvière
28-06-2024 - 30-06-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Bornem (BE) CC Ter Dilft

in tent/sous chapiteau

25-07-2024 - 27-07-2024 Circus Ronaldo Swing Lublin (PL) Carnaval Sztuk-Mistrzow
16-08-2024 - 18-08-2024 Circus Ronaldo Swing Tessenderlo (BE) Cultuurhuis Tessenderlo
23-08-2024 - 25-08-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Deinze (BE) Leietheater
23-08-2024 - 25-08-2024 Circus Ronaldo Swing Diest (BE) Gitannekesfoor
28-08-2024 - 30-08-2024 Circus Ronaldo Swing Strombeek-Bever (BE) CC Strombeek-Grimbergen
31-08-2024 - 01-09-2024 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Heerlen (BE) Cultura Nova
06-09-2024 - 07-09-2024 Circus Ronaldo Da Capo Heusden-zolder/ Houthalen (BE) CC Muze
12-09-2024 Circus Ronaldo Da Capo Sint-Niklaas (BE) Het Theaterfestival
13-09-2024 - 15-09-2024 Circus Ronaldo Da Capo Sint-Niklaas (BE) CC Sint-Niklaas
27-09-2024 - 29-09-2024 Circus Ronaldo Da Capo Lint (BE) Streekvereniging Zuidrand
04-10-2024 - 06-10-2024 Circus Ronaldo Da Capo Lint (BE) Streekvereniging Zuidrand
11-10-2024 - 13-10-2024 Circus Ronaldo Da Capo Aarschot (BE) CC Het Gasthuis
23-12-2024 Circus Ronaldo Swing Brugge (BE) CC Brugge