Sono io ?

A quest for reconciliation, between father and son, between performer and audience, between former glory and fresh opportunities.  

Danny and Pepijn Ronaldo, father and son, together on stage. United by a shared passion for music and tricks, they build a bridge between similarities and differences. The father seems entrenched in his past, desperately searching for an age-old but faded feeling of ecstasy. The son seeks to reconcile the old circus created by his father with the world beyond.

The roots of Circus Ronaldo stretch far back into the past, with Danny and Pepijn as the sixth and seventh generations. With seven being a sacred number, they now pay tribute to this past: ‘Sono io?’ (‘Is that me?). 

“It is about two people who look at each other and support each other, but in doing so, they also undermine each other. The father creates a shadow for his son, without wanting to, because he is so proud of him and wants to show him off so much. But he himself is so keen to be in the spotlight.” – Danny Ronaldo

Coproduction: Théatre Firmin Gémier / La Piscine – Pôle national des arts du cirque (Châtenay-Malabry), Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof (Pelt), Miramiro (Ghent)

With the support of: Cultuurhuis de Warande (Turnhout), GC ‘t Blikveld Bonheiden and the Flemish Community

  • Genre: Theatre / Circus
  • World premiere: 16 July 2021 - Miramiro Ghent (Circus Cravings)
  • Direction: Frank Van Laecke (final direction)
  • Creation & performance: Danny & Pepijn Ronaldo
  • Coproduction: Théatre Firmin Gémier / La Piscine – Pôle national des arts du cirque (Châtenay-Malabry), Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof (Pelt), Miramiro (Gent)
  • With the support of: Cultuurhuis de Warande (Turnhout), GC ’t Blikveld Bonheiden en de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Best theater performance 2022

Theaterfestival (BE)

Pepijn Ronaldo chosen as best actor of 2022 in Flanders


“Shining through all the pranks, stunts and twists and turns is one of the burning questions in theatre today: should the older generation make way for the new, or can the wisdom of the ancients be combined with the tumultuous energy of the youngsters? Circus Ronaldo convincingly proves the latter in Sono io?”

Jury report Theaterfestival 2022

“A surprising, witty, touching and exquisite portrait of a father-son relationship.”


“Sono io? is a playful satire on the ambitious circus artist – and in it the Ronaldos once again demonstrate their theatrical charm. Their expressive interaction recalls the silent mime of Chaplin and co.”

Helsingin Sanomat

“The theatrical mastery of Circus Ronaldo lies in their subtle characterisation, but also in the way in which they explore the drama of transience.” ****

De Standaard

“You watch the whole performance with a childlike wonder. Totally mesmerised by the sublime interplay and sparkling discoveries. Their empathy is as pure as a child’s smile. As rich as the swelling belly of a pregnant woman. It is all so well-judged in terms of dosing, expression, sensitivity …[...]. Sono io? is a performance that enfolds you like a warm coat.”

Klassiek Centraal

“Circus Ronaldo again demonstrates the wide array of styles and shocks of which it is master. And no, there’s no hint of decline..”

De Standaard

"Danny and Pepijn are perfectly on the same wavelength, in terms of both timing and interaction. They provoke generous laughter in the midst of a quiet tear, as only true clowns can.”



Date Group Production Location Organizer
16-02-2023 - 18-02-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Espoo (FI) Espoo City Theatre

in theater

24-02-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Oud-Turnhout (BE) De Djoelen

in theater

25-02-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Koksijde (BE) CCCasinoKoksijde

in theater

27-02-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Sint-Truiden (BE) CC De Bogaard

in theater

01-03-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Bilzen (BE) CC De Kimpel

in theater

02-03-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Torhout (BE) CC De Brouckere

in theater

03-03-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Wilrijk (BE) Schouwburg De Kern

in theater

04-03-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Tongeren (BE) CC De Velinx

in theater

07-03-2023 - 08-03-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Lieusaint (FR) Théâtre Senart – Scène Nationale

en théatre

10-03-2023 - 11-03-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Pelt (BE) CC Palethe

in theater

14-03-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Kapellen (BE) CC Kapellen

in theater

15-03-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Tielt (BE) CC Gildhof

in theater

16-03-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Oudsbergen (BE) GC den Ichter

in theater

17-03-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Ieper (BE) Het Perron

in theater

31-03-2023 - 02-04-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Waregem (BE) CC De Schakel

in tent/sous chapiteau

21-04-2023 - 23-04-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Bierbeek (BE) CC De Borre

in tent/sous chapiteau

29-04-2023 - 01-05-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Marke (BE)

SOIREE PERPLX, organisatie PERPLX en Schouwburg Kortrijk

in tent/sous chapiteau

05-05-2023 - 07-05-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Vilvoorde (BE) Het Bolwerk – CC Vilvoorde

in tent/sous chapiteau

20-07-2023 - 21-07-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Barcelona (ES)

Grec Festival de Barcelona
in theater/en théâtre

26-07-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Alicante (ES) FRESCA Festival

in theater

21-10-2023 - 23-10-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Auch (FR) Circa Auch

in tent/sous chapiteau

08-12-2023 - 09-12-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Vieux Condé (FR)

Le Boulon
in theater/en théâtre

14-12-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Ninove (BE)

CC De Plomblom
in theater/en théâtre

16-12-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Blankenberge (BE)

Cultuurcentrum Blankenberge
in theater/en théâtre

20-12-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Drachten (NL)

Schouwburg De Lawei
in theater/en théâtre

22-12-2023 Circus Ronaldo Sono io ? Scherpenheuvel (BE) Den Egger

in theater/en théâtre