Da Capo

A chronicle of a family history: from the beginning into infinity

‘Da Capo’ is a chronicle of a circus family. An evocative, filmic performance of a family history of love, necessity, apparent coincidence and passion. From a 15-year old boy who ran away with the circus in 1842 to the present day, where the seventh generation makes its entrance into the Circus Ronaldo ring. A story of 180 years of wonder.

Circus Ronaldo is longing to tell this story. The history of its family, from the beginning into infinity. A story that is both unique and universal, familiar to every one of us, for today more than ever we are in need of support and trust, of connection, of family.

Coaching : Frank Van Laecke & Alain Platel
Music : Steven Prengels

  • Genre: Theatre/circus
  • World premiere: 27 October 2023 Theater op de Markt Neerpelt (BE)


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