After the immense success of her previous performance ONE SONG, Miet Warlop now creates an ode to imagination with Delirium, a wave of wonder and pleasure.

“Long waves beat diagonally against the beach, bulge hunchbacked with cords of muscle, raise quivering ridges that tip over at their very greenest. Crests stretched tight, already welted white, wrap around a cavity of air crushed by the clear mass like a secret made and then broken.”
 Uwe Jonhson, Anniversaries: From a Year in  the Life of Gesine Cresspahl, trans. Damion Searls (New York: New York Review Books, 2018), 3.

Describing Miet’s work reveals secrets that words can hardly capture. Wonder and pleasure drag you into a wave. It seems as if that round air cavity takes on the contours of Warlop’s skull where within the imagination infects a whole group around her, the imagination becomes collective and thus touches our imagination. But how do you interpret the capriciousness of that imagination on a stage? What is the deeper meaning of a wave rising and then crashing?

Miet Warlop

Irene Wool vzw
  • World premiere: May 2025 Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels


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