“Solo dancing does not exist: the dancer dances with the floor: add another dancer, you will have a quartet: each dancer with each other, and each with the floor”. (Steve Paxton)

With the production Foreshadow Alexander Vantournhout takes the next step in his research into gravity and its impact on movement. He also questions the traditional theatre setting by taking one of its elements (the back wall) forward and giving it a prominent role on stage.

Coproduction: Julidans Julidans Amsterdam, La Biennale de la Danse Lyon, VIERNULVIER Ghent, Le Maillon Strasbourg, Les 2 Pôles Nationaux des Arts du Cirque Normands – La Brèche Cherbourg et le Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf, Theater Freiburg and others tbc


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Alexander Vantournhout
  • Genre: Dance/Circus
  • World premiere: summer 2023
  • Direction: Alexander Vantournhout
  • Creation & performance: Alexander Vantournhout, Axel Guérin, Emmi Väisänen, Nick Robaey, Noémi Devaux, Patryk Klos, Esse Vanderbruggen & Josse Roger
  • Coproduction: Biennale de la Danse, Lyon (FR), Julidans, Amsterdam (NL), Kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER, Gent (BE), Le Maillon, Strasbourg (FR), Les 2 Pôles Nationaux des Arts du Cirque normands — La Brèche à Cherbourg et le Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf (FR), Theater Freiburg (DE)


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