The missing door, The lost room, (The hidden floor)

DIPTYCH / TRIPTYCH consists of two or three short pieces: The missing door (directed by Gabriela Carrizo), The lost room and The hidden floor (both directed by Franck Chartier).

In this creation, Peeping Tom is reimagining the three short pieces and adapting them from the originals created by Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier with Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT 1). For the first time since 2009, Peeping Tom searched for a completely new ensemble to feature in this new production.

In Diptych / Triptych, the characters, lost in time and space, are continually drifting away and searching for one another. When they embarked on this voyage in pursuit of an ideal they were full of hope, but reality led them towards an uncertain destiny. They try to find a path through the wanderings of their thoughts while reviving and reliving their memories—or creating new versions of them, open to distortions.
Diptych / Triptych thus reveals a melancholy nostalgia for the future.

Peeping Tom

Gabriela Carrizo & Franck Chartier
  • Genre: Dance / Theatre
  • World premiere: July '20
  • Direction: Gabriela Carrizo & Franck Chartier
  • Creation & performance: Konan Dayot, Fons Dhossche, Lauren Langlois, Panos Malactos, Alejandro Moya, Fanny Sage, Eliana Stragapede, Wan-­Lun Yu
  • Coproduction: Opéra National de Paris, Opéra de Lille, Tanz Köln, Göteborg Dance & Theatre Festival, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, deSingel Antwerpen, GREC Festival de Barcelona, Festival Aperto / Fondazione I Teatri Reggio Emilia, Torinodanza Festival / Teatro Stabile di Torino - Teatro Nazionale, Oriente Occidente Dance Festival, Dampfzentrale Bern

Premis de la Crítica (ES)

Best International Theatre Production

Nomination Olivier Awards (UK)

Best New Dance Production

Jovan Cirilov Award

Belgrade Dance Festival (RS)

Danza & Danza

Prize for Best Contemporary Production of 2021

Swan 2016

Most Impressive Dance Production for The Lost Room

"Gabriela Carrizo's piece is so innovative that it would have been worthy of the great Pina Bausch herself."

***** - The Telegraph

"[The piece], in which there is no lack of black humor, seems to pay tribute to David Lynch with its atmosphere and with its enigmatic and seductive scenes."

El Periodico

"Again a delicate and fascinating uproar of impossibilities."

Suzy Q Revista

"Peeping Tom follows in the footsteps of theater dance or dance theater with a dramatic conception rich in suggestions and hints. [...] A real universe traversed by the magic of movement and the unexpected."


“The staging of this show is very strong, especially because the dancers build a gore image through a brutal mastery of the body, perfectly combined with sound and light effects."


"From spasmodic movements and virtuoso solos we move on to subtle touches of humor that offer a breath of air in the tension of the environment."


"The power of each piece of the trilogy lies in the permanent unpredictability of events. […] The moments of surprise arise primarily from dance - from a seductive as well as compelling movement language that describes an overwhelmingly heightened atmosphere of psychic primal fears.”


"The famous ingredients of the two founders of the successful Belgian collective Peeping Tom are again present: dance, acrobatics, illusionism, cinematic suspense. And mad humour. […] The theatrical qualities of the nine excellent dancers are fully used."

NRC Handelsblad

"The typical mix of magic, effects, slapstick and contortion is bombastic; the suspense is perfect. The entire piece is still worthy of the comparison with the surrealistic TV series Twin Peaks." ****

De Volkskrant

"Almost acrobatic danced actions, of such an originality, beauty and perfection that they are difficult to grasp." *****

Diario de Sevilla

"A fascinating voyage of almost three hours, [...] accompanied by eight fabulous interpreters, who seem to break the laws of nature with every single movement." *****

ABC Sevilla

“Different characters move in a mysterious and macabre labyrinth. They live between reality and imagination, dream and reality. A surreal thriller, compared to which Twin Peaks is toddler television.”


“Great piece of surreal dance horror… the suspense is perfect.”

De Volkskrant

"The eight formidable dancers/performers/acrobats struggle in a place that could just as well be the labyrinth of their memories and desires. Their dance is breathtaking."

La Libre

"Peeping Tom creates a unique, unrepeatable theatrical experience. In a cinematic manner, their pieces offer many extravagant experiences, at the same time touching the deepest fears, turning the trip into a hallucination."

Jovan Cirilov award - Jury report


Date Group Production Location Organizer
22-03-2024 - 24-03-2024 Peeping Tom DIPTYCH / TRIPTYCH Auckland (NZ)

Auckland Arts Festival

16-04-2024 - 17-04-2024 Peeping Tom DIPTYCH / TRIPTYCH München (DE) Bayerische Staatsoper
23-05-2024 - 25-05-2024 Peeping Tom DIPTYCH / TRIPTYCH Kopenhagen (DK) Kobenhavn Danser
29-05-2024 Peeping Tom DIPTYCH / TRIPTYCH Aarhus (DK) Kulturhus Aarhus
12-06-2024 - 13-06-2024 Peeping Tom DIPTYCH / TRIPTYCH Kuopio (FI) Kuopio Dance Festival
20-06-2024 - 21-06-2024 Peeping Tom DIPTYCH / TRIPTYCH Firenze (IT) Florence Dance Performing Arts Festival
16-08-2024 - 17-08-2024 Peeping Tom DIPTYCH / TRIPTYCH Mexico City (MX) CENART – Centro Nacional de las Artes